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The Media Reporting Of Big International Events

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Anyone else find it mildly irritating the way big international news is reported by the media these days? The language they use ("China said this" etc) attempts to promote countries as one big solid, cohesive entity which they aren't.

A more accurate way of reporting it would be "A few megalomanics at the top of the power tree and who claim to speak for the million/billions of their citizens who frankly, would prefer to be left alone to live their short lifes without the megalomaniacs ******ing it all up for everyone and who are quite capable of having their own opinions which possibly contradict the opinions of the leaders, say....................."

It's pretty long-winded but I think the sentiment would be shared by others.

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...and if the media (usually the Beeb) introduce an item with 'a recent survey shows' what it really means is 'we got this press release with some dubious statistical methodology, but it fits in with our political bias so we'll report it as fact'.

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