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Is Buying A House Like Getting A Pet?

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When you work out the costs, buying a house in the current market is more expensive than renting a similar house. Why is it then that people seem to place so much importance on owning rather than renting? One of the main arguments seems to be that if you "own", you are free to decorate, knock walls down etc.

I wonder if this similar to a child wanting a pet: it seems fun having to clean out its cage for the first few weeks but, very soon, the novelty wears off and you really begin to resent having to buy new cookers when they break or fixing that fence post in the garden.

I'd like to have my own house one day that I can personalise but, the more I think about it, the more I realise that the things I actually value are the people and possessions (the things I actually use) that are important and I can have all of these things in a rented house.

Assuming you've got a half-decent landlord, it's a bit like just knowing a guy that you can phone up and he will send someone around to fix things when they go wrong - for free. Can anyone who owns a house say that?

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If you got your own house then you have nobody's permission to get in order to get a pet.

And who could possibly keep fluffy kittens in a cage!!!!

You are right though. It can be a pain to have to fix things yourself, but at least I know it's done right. Having to ask someone else to arrange for stuff to get fixed could get tiresome.

I understand the dislike of the whole keeping-up-with-the-Joneses thing, with new kitchens for the sake of it, and showhouse-like cleanliness just to 'show off' how lovely your house is.

But I can equally see why people want their own place, for which they have nobody to answer to. You can live there for years and not feel that you need to be ready to move at all times because you are only renting.

If I found myself in the same position as many FTBs today though, I would either feel I had to rent until some sanity returned or maybe this would be the boot up the bum needed to go and see some of the world, working abroad for example.

Sometimes difficult situations like prospective FTBs find themselves in today can be the best thing that ever happened to them. Like my redundancy a couple of years ago! Couldn't have wanted it more! Perfect timing too.

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I'd like to turn a spare room into a climbing wall and I can't see the landlord agreeing to that! But most of the time it's just not interesting to me to re-paint or fit a new kitchen. If I want a bit of a change, I can buy some new furniture or a new picture.

I'm not sure that I agree about getting the job done properly. If I had my own place, I'd be tempted to go for the DIY option which is a sure way to ruin things!

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