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Iceland Comes To Agreement Over Debts

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seeing as this is heading to off-topic anyway the story led me to this one in the Metro -

A trapped woman has finally been freed by rescuers – after being stuck in her bathroom for three weeks.

The 69-year-old survived the ordeal by living off tap water, after accidentally breaking the lock on November 1.

‘She was at her wits’ end,’ said a neighbour in the Paris suburb of Epinay-sous-Senart.

‘Her flat is on the second floor and has no window, so she couldn’t call for help. There was absolutely nothing she could do except bang on the wall at night.

‘Some neighbours even moaned about the noise – but they had no idea where it was coming from.’

The woman – who has not yet been named – kept her spirits up by taking lots of showers and repeatedly brushing her teeth, before police arrived on

Saturday. ‘After knocking on the door and hearing nothing, we pressed our ears up against the door and made out a muffled noise,’ said a police spokesman.

‘It was the woman, saying: “I’m trapped – please get me out”.’

Firemen forced a window in the bedroom of the apartment and then smashed the bathroom door down.

‘The woman was in a terrible state. She was very thin and weak-looking and was eventually taken to hospital,’ added the spokesman.

‘She’s a very popular lady but keeps herself to herself and people presumed she was away on holiday.’

What would you have done in the same situation? Answer below

In comments on the story

She should have directed the water on to the floor to cause a leak in the flats below... workmen would have been round within a day!James, Leeds, 24/11/2010 20:27

So simple and obvious when it's said, i hope i would have thought of it :D

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‘Back at port, the giant fish was celebrated vigorously.’

Does he cash in with Iceland kroners or Euros?

(on Topic)

Krona's, accepting Euro is a criminal offence in Iceland, all conversion to foreign currency in exchange for ISK paper has to done at a government sanctioned rate in Icelandic banks. Nobody outside Iceland will accept ISK a a valid currency.

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Sorry to be pedantic but if you read the article it's a halibut. Now, can anyone come up with a more correct pun? B)

Anagram = "Hut Bail" :P

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