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The Euro Game Is Up

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"fear in their faces" ?

Looks like they were waiting for the coffee break to be announced. They have heard the UKIP line 1000's of times and probably thought "It's Nigel with the same old, same old...."

Grand-standing for the UK voters. :rolleyes:

He does make a few valid points. The bail-outs, if pushed by the markets, will cost an arm and a leg to the average EZ citizen.

Much the same as the UK bailout will cost a lot of hardship for UK citizens. Different currency, same hardship. Not sure what flag you happen to be flying at the time has to do with it ?

As for the Irish not having an election - red herring. You need the money today - you don't mince around for X months and ask the lender to come back when you are ready. Capital was ready to fly out of the country. Does Nigel think the money men are Santa Clauses in disguise? :rolleyes:

Still, better to be blame it all on the bad old EU, rather than the money men in the shadows.....

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