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The Great Irish Money Famine.

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First we had the Irish immigrants, then the colonials, then the eastern Europeans, looks like we might be back to the Irish again:


"Ireland crisis: 'I cannot wait to get away'"

This is what happens when the British steal all the potatoes !!!

"Here, Claire Jackson, 30, from Cork, talks about her wish to move to the UK next year."

Not only will we be bailing them out, we'll also be paying their benefits.

This country is on a slippery slope to oblivion.

Some interesting graphs on the web page, net migration went negative last year and looks like continuing.

This is not only bad for us but bad for the Irish economy.

Will we see enforced European migration caps ?

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Will we see enforced European migration caps ?

Even my partner, who is a bit of a bleeding heart, said recently something along the lines of "we can't be bailing others out when we have to sort out our own economy". I think it's going to be very likely that with the restrictions on benefits etc, we will see migration caps.

Isn't it already happening though?


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As a bargaining tactic, all unemployed Irish should be encouraged to move to Germany.

At least the Irish will get off the **** and go abroad....the brits will sit on their ****'s and let the tax payers pay for them.

This indicates to me the benefit system is flawed and must be cut....there must be no incentive not to work.

Ideally our unemployed should move to bulgaria.


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