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Now The Rich Buy Champagne At Costco And Call It Being Frugal

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One sad statistic was barely remarked upon in all the euphoria about the royal wedding. More than one million women are out of work, the highest number since 1988.


At a time when one million women have no choice but to claim benefits and worry about paying their bills, you can’t pick up a ­magazine or a newspaper without listening to the ­whining of the fake middle-class poor.

A survey last week revealed how our attitude to wealth has radically changed. Once, we used to be obsessed with keeping up with the ­Joneses — now it’s absolutely non-U to boast about new purchases, flaunt your wealth in front of the neighbours or s***** about ­expensive holidays.

Indeed, anyone foolish enough to do this is likely to be a footballer, a WAG or Katie Price. When the PM’s enterprise adviser Lord Young was bold enough to claim that ‘we’d never had it so good’ last week, he was forced to resign just hours later for straying off-message.

How many times have you heard people droning on about the bargains they got at Lidl (although they probably spent several pounds in petrol to get there) and how they buy in bulk at Costco — even Coleen Rooney ­purchased food and drink there for a party.

We’re wearing our new frugality like a badge of honour — shops like Poundland are packed with middle-class shoppers buying everything from toothpaste to toilet rolls. Yes ­Poundland, the chain no one wanted in their neighbourhood for fear property prices would tumble.

Even in this article they manage to mention house prices. :lol::lol:

God people are obsessed.

Anyone got any breakdown of these figures, how many are single mothers, live on their own etc...

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