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Goldman Appoints 321 Mds And 110 New Partners

Mikhail Liebenstein

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So in addition to 100 new partners: http://www.efinancia...t-goldman-sachs

Goldman has appointed 321 new MDs.


You have to wonder if these people have been appointed as human shields for the top bankers, in case it gets nasty and the evil boys in balaclavas leave the Emerald Isle as they have threatened. Why did they actually publish the names, surely that is the height of stupidity?

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Penal battalions?

Canon fodder for when the proles kick off?

Could be .

When you have the world economy screwed up at the top by the likes of :



and the largest publicly recognised? purveyor is a firm called Goldman , headed by a dude called Blankfein (doing God's work) , supported by Cohn , Weinberg and Cohen what would you do ........

but diversify the names .

Possibly .

I won't mention Wolfowitz of course (don't mention the war , I mentioned it once but think I got away with it) .

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