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22/11/10 - Where Would You Put Your House Fund Now?


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Gold - overvalued

sterling - QE as soon as "inflation" gets below 3%

pound - knackered due to ireland, the punters just don't know it yet

dollar - obama about to print

silver - goldman sachs shorting it to infinity

food - good call, cold 12 months coming to la nina but can you get out in time

cash under the bed - do you have 24/7 presence?

Just what is the solution if you want to preserve your savings from the imprudent feckless twints that are trashing incentives around the world?

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I have a huge balcony and what is the problem with me buying 1000 bottles of vodka? It's not like they're gonna freeze is it because vodda can go to like -20c :ph34r::ph34r: Voddy will have currency after the Irish an British banks have collapsed. Less portable than gold so I won't get it nicked.

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I have around a £1000 tied up in vintage Yokomo radio controlled 1/10th scale buggies and varoius parts all very rare. I reckon I could raise around £1.3 to £1.4K if I had to sell them in the next 6 months. Long term perhaps 10 to 15 years who knows?

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I have a huge balcony and what is the problem with me buying 1000 bottles of vodka?

I don't think I will be able to work a motorcycle, after a party at your place Dave! :huh:

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There was once a thing called index linked inflation proof national savings certificates....sadly the government pulled this tax free, safe, inflation proof way of saving in July of this year....I wonder why?....luckily existing savers can still roll any existing savings over....

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Why? Do you honestly think the UK hasnt learnt from or forgiven the US for how they treated us during the second world war with their loans or the way they took all the nazi scientists and other behaviour?

I think the troubles in Eurozone are largely going to make some money take flight to safety in the Dollar which will cripple the US, when the focus shifts to the US I think it will implode and then the money will take flight back to the Eurozone and unless the ECB has taken full control of each countries fiscal policies which to be frank I cant see France, Germany or Italy relinquishing, the Euro will implode.

Up steps Sterling - new reserve currency.

What does this have to do with Large Motorcycles?

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