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Bbc Suppress [Thereby Condone?] The Murder Of Children


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BURMA has the worlds highest number of Child Soldiers.

Never see the [Disgusting, lying] BBC mention anything other than the imprisonment of Aung San Suu Kyi though.

Why? [because the BBC and the British State agree in general with the Despotic Burmese government, that the truth is an Evil thing.]

For instance the following seems unreported on the BBC. [No Oil in Burma]

The Burmese

regime: Thousands of villages been destroyed, more landmines than anywhere in the world.

12 year olds beaten and forced into the army, rape, torture and and murder commonplace, daily.

there may be as many as 70,000 soldiers under the age of 18.

BBC, All about lying and [stealing taxpayers funds] and controlling the population through a spectrum of LIES.

Burma: World's Highest Number of Child Soldiers

Would like to see BBC report the truth instead of paying BILLIONS of pounds for an out of date license fee, which is theft, like QE and Bank Bailouts

It's been 58 years and counting since the Civil War in Burma began. Shortly after Burma's Independence from Britain in

1948, the KNLA and the Karen National Union have been in conflict against the Burmese Military Government.

Never see the history of the conflict mentioned on the bbc

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