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Bank Of Ireland Shares Down 16% Today

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My mortgage is with BoI - the classic type that [i assume] was CDO'd off. I recently got a letter saying that my mortgage was being transferred to a new subsidiary based in London. I know it's wishful thinking, and potentiall none of my business, but at what point do I start having to ask the question with regards to whether there is still any trace of the original buyer of the CDO into which my mortgage was packaged - and if there isn't; what right does the bank have to continue collection?

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Too big to fail?


As referenced here on other threads by our sharp and cute posters, Bank of Ireland underwrites the Post Office.

Obviously it is a cunning, Baldrick-style plan.

If those Brussels Sprouts don't play ball, we'll just pay them in postage stamps or postal orders! We can print them. Ha!

(At least I hope we can, if we haven't outsourced the printing to India. I'm always the last to know.)

Anyway, failing that, it's a cunning Cameron-style plan to save billions by crashing the Bank of Ireland and . . . the Post Offfice!

Think of the milions of corner shop newsagents thrown into receivership.

On second thoughts, maybe it isn't a cunning plan.

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