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Militant Era Looms For Unite With Election Of Hard-Liner On 16% Turnout


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except UNITE aren't even in the TUC are they?

and furthermore, tho I am no fan of Ed Milliband, he is still a moderate labour man, not an old fashioned socialist. They look pretty marginalised to me. Not like we have a country of manual workers any more.

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A scouser. It really is incredible. Said this before on here. Anytime you hear a Union Leader/spokesman on TV ? 90% of the time they are a Glaswegian or a Scouser. I don't think I am even exaggerating that figure either.

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I think you'll find the country has already been ruined....

Yeah it was those bloody unions and welfare recipients that did it.....nothing to do with the complete orgy of private debt bought about by blindly following the lassiez faire model.

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but underground drivers on £50k a year are...trolley dolleys on sector busting salaries are....Shell drivers earning twice the national average for driving tankers are...etc etc working class my @rse.

What, you mean these people earn enough to be able to buy a house???

Outrageous! :lol:

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as for Unite,they are a major major source of income for the deep in debt labour party.There seems to be no debate over the fact that Union votes got Ed elected.Follow the money.

there's no debate, but the concensus is nevertheless incorrect

the unions THINK they got Ed Milliband elected - in reality Peter Mandelson got Ed Milliband elected as his 2nd choice after David

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unforunately,all it really takes to bring the country to it's knees are the 80,000 members of the RMT given how many more people travel for work than did in the 70's.

The RMT are smarter than that. If you have a monopoly on a particular area people will work to destroy your niche.

Regan in the 1980s was in dispute with air traffic controllers. So while the ATC on strike crippled the air space he drafted in military controllers and non unionised ones, and trained more non unionised ATCs. As a result the ATC union was annilated.

If the RMT push too hard the government will simply automate the transport systems. If a computer can fly a 747 in 4dimensional space, it can pretty easily handle a tube train on rails me thinks.

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I have a major problem with many of today's trade unions. They don't do what they are supposed to: protect their workers.

Mr DJ belongs to one and the negiotiations on pay, expectations, contracts are just ludicrous and have been seriously damaging for the workers. They haven't a clue most of the time and actually create damaging situations that lead to job losses further down the line.

The rhetoric is downright dangerous, as well as their stupid obsessions with subjects that have bugger all to do with the wellbeing of the workers in the workplace. He's sat in union meetings where the entire day session is spent discussing how "racist" it is that EU nationals are under-represented in their industry (I kid you not), yet no one brings up the subject of a downgrade in pay awards or a restructuring of salary bands that affect their take home pay, nor the increasing precarity practices in their departments.

Most of the time, their economic knowledge is so poor, they can't actually construct viable alternative solutions to problems that will protect their workers.

If trade unionism is to work, the entire guard needs sweeping away.

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