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Why Didn't I Think Of This?

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Just come accross this on another forum. Sorry if it's been posted before.

" I have created a goal of £126,751.00 but I dont expect to reach that goal even though it would be amazing and would love the internet for the rest of my life"

*puts hand in pocket, rummages around, pulls out a birdy*


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A while ago i came across a site called


. It was unbeleivable - Karyn had clocked up a vast credit card debt. Admitting it was because she had a weakness for Gucci shoes, and various other extravant things. I can't remember how much she owed, but i just went to check out the site to see about linking it.

Unbelievable - she's cleared her debts from the donations of others! The thing is - i think she was one of the first ones to do it - so it was a bit of a novelty - so some idiots paid her bills for her.

Now - she's written a book about it! It's called "save karyn - one shopoholics journey to debt and back" - how my heart bleeds for this girl. She received $13,000 dollars worth of donations to pay off her debt caused by her lack of money sense - big style. Care of "bank of internet idiots"

p.s you can buy karyns books from all major book retailers on the internet - i'm sure you'll be rushing out to buy!

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Guest Bart of Darkness

Total Needed: £126,751.00

Total Recieved: £17.00

Oh dear.

How much has the site cost him to set up (web hosting, registering the .com address)?

Both Karyn and the people who sent her money should be sterilized to prevent them from breeding.

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There are small ads like this in the back of Private Eye.

Given the content of the piece I'm guessing that most are joking. I do wonder how much, if anything, anyone receives.

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Unbelievable, i dont blame the guy for doing it, but what sort of morons are there on this planet that give him money.

£17, he has already p*ssed that up the wall last weekend no doubt.

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