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I am trying to do everything that is legal to annoy my cnt of a BTL landlord after he essentially harassed us (came in without telling us and left notes about cleaning not being good enough-none of his business!). He already has the hump because I refused to pay the ‘re-letting’ fee to his agent and he now manages it himself, in the loosest possible sense.

My tenancy expires in 6 weeks and I haven’t actually had s.21 notice from him. Even if I get it now the 2 months notice means it will be periodic for a bit unless he’s going to propose a new tenancy. Until I receive this, am I within my rights to say that I intend to carry on, with a periodic tenancy and then just vacate when the 6 weeks is up without providing any notice. Presumably this won’t effect my deposit recovery? (I have detailed photos and documentation with the agent to argue my case pretty strongly on this). I admit it’s petty but I’d like to help leave him a little void period.

Thanks for any assistance

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Why not just keep stumm, dont mention anything and just move out at the end of the 6 weeks.

Perfectly within your rights, dont even entertain the idiot, it wont affect your deposit recovery as you have simply fulfilled the contract and moved out on the alloted date.

The landlord will probably assume you are going periodic so wont mention anything either, or more likely doesnt have a clue about what actually happens at the end of the agreement so will be quiet just in case.

While you would be within your rights to say you are going to go periodic and then not do it, personally i wouldnt as its almost stooping to his level, better to just be uncontactable until you move, thus no viewings and possibly a void.

Far better to just walk off in 6 weeks knowing he was the cnt, you behaved properly and leave it to that. IMHO!

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No need to give notice if you leave on or before the last day of the fixed term, but make sure you know when the last day is - some tenancy agreements can be drafted so as to leave doubt. Do not leave anything of yours in the property that will allow the landlord to argue you have not vacated and get the keys back to the landlord on the day you leave.

Probably not wise to suggest you are staying on. You do not want to give the landlord anything he can cling to to argue you agreed a new tenancy.

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