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Budget Cuts Knock Confidence - Reuters/ipsos Mori

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Support for the Labour party is at its highest level for three years as public confidence about the economy -- and the private sector's ability to mop up laid-off public sector workers -- continues to ebb.

Satisfaction with the coalition government, which has announced a raft of austerity measures since last month's Reuters/Ipsos MORI political monitor, has dropped significantly in the past month.

The November monitor shows only 28 percent of the public believe the economy will improve in the next year, and four out of every five doubt the private sector will be able to absorb public sector employees laid off under government plans.

The government, led by the Conservative Party, last month unveiled deep public spending cuts to help tackle a record budget deficit close to 11 percent of national output, risking a public backlash and union unrest.

Dissatisfaction with the government has risen to 55 percent this month from 45 percent just before austerity measures were unveiled in a spending review on October 20.

If the public were to vote now, the Labour party would take more of the vote (39 percent) than the Conservatives (36 percent) or the Liberal Democrats (14 percent), and poll data showed that support for Labour this month was strongest since October 2007.

"The (poll) in November shows high levels of concern about the effects of the spending cuts, particularly to university tuition fees, local public services and policing," said Ipsos MORI's Helen Cleary.

Excellent so the Party that poured petrol on to the mess now gets the votes from the turkeys that are going to suffer from the economic rebalancing. UK spending is not sustainable but people don't want reality they want the never never.

No surprise that the govt was going to end up taking the hit, the only way to avoid this would have been to prosecute those who pursued failed economic policy in the first place, but no politician is going to do that.

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Hilarious. Liebour promised most of these cuts, didnt ringfence tuition fees and most of the stuff that has been cut was 'unfunded' anyway.

I think if i wanted to be Mr small govt id just stand as a liebour politician, keep repeating 'fairness' and 'socialism' and the idiots would vote for me.

Think about it

Stop and Search hated in the 1980s, called 'tory stop and search', reintroduced under liebour as 'terror' legislation, hardly a sound.

Tution fees already tripled under liebour without a squeak.

ID card schemes made Michael Howard a hate figure in the 1990s, liebour demonised him. Ten years later Liebour were the ones trying to push it, suddenly everyone thinks theyre a great idea.

Ive said it before, the British people love being lied to and treated like dirt. The shitstorm that is coming couldnt happen to a nicer bunch of people. Just wait until milipede starts locking people up for 'speaking heresy toward the economy'

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