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Rooney Next Door Means Forget Getting The Asking Price!


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Why do so many people want to live in what is, in essence, a very small hotel.

And I am not just talking about rich celebrities here either.

So many houses you see of 'normal' people are just so hotel like. IMO anyway.

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If you put it like that.

He got his chavette a blinged up Bentley once. I live in the same town (just outsiode Wilmslow) as these plebs and to see them in the flesh just makes you wet yourself with laughter.




They really are a pinnacle of taste.. I think they try and outdo each other & they've got so much money they can.

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What do you expect? If you like McDonalds, you're not going to start calling Heston at the Fat Duck asking if they do takeaway just because you have a few quid in your pocket.

Is there a historical reference for what happens when working class boys get filfthy rich at a young age? Typically how long will the money last? 10 years? 20 yrs? a generation or 2?

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