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Deadly Fire Engulfs High-Rise In Shanghai


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Fire engulfed a high-rise apartment building undergoing renovations in the center of this city Monday afternoon, killing at least 42 people and injuring at least 90 others in one of the deadliest fires here in years, according to Xinhua, the official news agency.

Video posted on the Internet and some online accounts suggested that some residents were trapped on the roof of the building and that a few may have jumped to their deaths. Three helicopters tried to rescue residents from above, but flames and thick black smoke hampered the efforts, Xinhua said. Some people clung to scaffolding; some were able to climb down.

Local officials said the building housed 156 families; and many people remain unaccounted for. Shanghai television said that rescue officials were operating from a command center set up in a nearby stadium, the BBC reported.

The fire raged for more than four hours and more than 60 fire engines responded, the news agency reported, but fire hoses could not reach the upper half of the 28-story building. Only when hoses were set up on top of a nearby building, it said, could the fire be contained.

The cause of the fire had not yet been determined. But the state-run news Web site Eastday.com cited a construction worker as saying crews were installing energy-saving insulation when the fire occurred, The Associated Press reported, and a witness told Xinhua that he saw construction materials burning before the fire.

The reports deepening the unease in this city of 20 million, most of whom live in high rises. Against the backdrop of a nationwide construction boom, buildings all over the city are under construction or renovation.

Just bad luck or poor construction design? Can fire like this spread in modern high rise here?

From the picture the fire appears to be all over the building.

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I would of thought a fire like that would cause the building to collapse at an acelerated speed?


could happen in the UK if the building is badly maintained or

there are a lot of windows open

fire from one floor can spread to the higher floors

up the outside of the building

I believe this happened at a fatal fire in London just last year

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