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Dispatches 8Pm C4 'riding Europe's Gravy Train'

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Too angry to watch any more.

V bad for my blood pressure.


If you have followed the EEC and then the EU since 1973 as I have done you would have more worries than your blood pressure. :rolleyes:

If the EU was a Limited company the leaders would all be in prison now. ;)

Look up Neil Kinnock and his family all have been on the gravy train. :angry: Guess what he was the *** that sacked the whistle blower then the Chief Accountant of the EU now a British MEP Marta Andreasen.

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What a FXXXXXX farce disgusting beyond imagination and they are suppose to be representing us, its just a money making scheme for them and family members.

How do we stand for this ,our elected members travel to Brussels with all the expensive allowances that incures then they clock in and collect £260 then return straight home without striking a bat . :angry:

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The MPs stomping around because the office hadn't opened at 7am so they could claim their £260 before buggering off sums it up.

At least that LibDem MEP was open and honest about making money out of the system, rather than squirming and trying to justify it.

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Unbelievable isn't it, I'm glad I voted UKIP this year, for all the good it's done.

So much greed around these days, isn't this how the French revolution started. Oneday they may lift their snouts from the trough to see an angry mob approaching and suddenly realise they're just fat weedy little shits with a worthless fortune.

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