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Future Employment For Professionals?

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The shock value comes from the idea that people who wear suits to work could be exposed to the same market forces as blue collar workers. But this comes from a deeper understanding that until fairly recently many white collar workers were able to enforce quasi cartel like arrangements that shielded them from those forces.

The problem is these informal arrangements don't work too well across national borders, so we see a gradual erosion of the 'professional' class as globalised competition hots up.

The message is that a 'commoditisation' is taking place of a group of workers who were never supposed to become commodities in this raw sense. It's both funny and scary at the same time.

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Interesting, my missus' doctorate is in legal aid, you'd be amazed what you can get a doctorate in. The cuts are not that huge though and in the case of something like divorce a lot of the fees were recovered after the judgement from the assets. Many a wife has thought she had f*cked over her husband only to find she had bought her divorce lawyer a house and f*cked herself over.

A few years ago the missus won a case worth 350 million dollars, about what they are planning to cut the legal aid budget by; just to give you an idea of the scale of some cases - it was a no-win no-fee class action in the US. The champagne certainly flowed that night.

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