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We Don't Need No Tarmac Just Bricks For A Road

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It's not the tarmac that costs the money, it's the land you put it on, and, after that, the cost of leveling it out, building bridges and laying foundations.

Then after that you've got drainage, sinage, crash barriers, emergency phones etc etc

This machine simple makes liing the paving bricks up quicker.

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If I were to mention an "Interocitor", how many HPC's would get the reference?

Is it a reference to fans Leonard Rossiter who played slum landlord Mr Rigsy from Rising Damp?

A great programme, I'm interocitor too. I wouldn't want Rigsby as a landlord though.


Not what you were referring to? I'll have to Google it then.

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No Sci-Fi nuts on yet then.

An "Interocitor" was a device used in the 50's classic "This Island Earth"

This clip on Youtube is the Mystery Science Theatre piss-take version but it does the job. Apparently such a device could lay a four-lane highway at 'a mile a minute'.

Did you miss my post?

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