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Just think : if there were 6,000,000,000 of us, and we all watched this video and thus all had a good laugh at the pitiful whoring of "The Ben Bernank" and "the Goldman Sachs" we might just get our money's worth outta the latest batch of QE. Until then the joke stays well and truly on us. Keep spreading the word.

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This is why i do not get this term "money printing". It should be called "money shuffling" and after the shuffle, or maybe during the shuffle, the banks get a small percentage point profit to cream off and rebalance their balance sheets. But the sums are so large, the small percentage point profit is not so small due to the mere size of the money involved. So yes money is being created out of thin air, this profit from "money shuffling", but it ain't getting lent out, because they know it will be defaulted on, its staying put, its their new profits. So no it will not cause inflation in wages, it will not find its way to "hard working families". So money printing, umm, really shuffling?

If they really wanted to help us all out they should do what the Australians did, they did hand out money, but in the form of a tax rebate cheque to all and sundry, but they used their surplus to do this. They were lucky, they were in credit, so could hand back what they had. We are not in credit, we are in debt, so we will have to print to hand back a tax cheque.

Just imagine Merv could print 60 million times £2000.00, then for one year only, hand £2000.00 back to every man, child, woman, so he printed 60 million two thousand pounds, and we all have to spend it on goods and services. Now this is printing money. But no they will not do this, because this will devalue our currency, this will enrage our creditors who buy our sovereign debt. Its all smoke and mirrors, money printing my @rse, creating jobs, helping people out, b0ll0cks.

Its shuffling, money shuffling, but once ZIRP ends which it will, the bankers will then want your assets, as well as your ass and owning your debt which is your ass. Once they own your ass sorry debt and your house, you can work long hours for low pay, to service your debt while they take your house.


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