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Argentina Bond Yields Hit 42%

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I wouldn't rule it out. I'm surprised no one else has posted yet

The yield on bonds is inverse to their value.I.e. bond holders get creamed.

Hard assets the ultimate safe haven


5 argentine pesos invested in silver would be worth 22x the same paper units now.

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Ireland don't need to go to the bond market until January, until them, its academic.

Indeed. Several months of not needing to worry then :-) They really should not have bothered doing any deals in October as it unnecessarily produces bad publicity: http://ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2010/11/12/402176/that-seeping-irish-confidence-1-per-day/

As a testament to the virulence of the sovereign weakness, the Bank of Ireland did a three-year government guaranteed deal on 27 October which is now trading at 90% which equates to a 1% loss per trading day.

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