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Globrix is quite neat in that on the price range slider, there's a small semicircle in between the max/min which when you hover your mouse over shows you the average price for all houses selected.

So just entering a County for example shows the average house price for that area..

Here are my findings for Northamptonshire:

All dates: 7917 houses : Average price: £203k

31 days: 2701 houses : Average price: £189k

2 weeks: 1377 houses : Average price: £185k

1 week: 815 houses : Average price: £185k

Not scientific, but a fairly reasonable sample size.. interesting to see the more recently added houses are £18k cheaper.. a sign of sentiment change ? I also tried it excluding properties over £1m incase large estates were skewing the results but the outcome was pretty much the same.

I've just done Norfolk, and see:

All dates: 9297 : Average: £229k

31 days: 3184 : Average: £206k

2 weeks: 1646 : Average: £202k

1 week: 754 : Average £205k

Anyone want to post prices for their county ?

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These are for Hampshire ...

All 10000+ £299k

31 days 5364 £275k

14 days 2508 £271k

7 days 1265 £268k

3 days 725 £268k

1 days 246 £273k

Will maintain an updated Google Docs spreadsheet here (https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AvIBpuiJ-K5FdFNINl8ycGk0cnh2SHFKcHhiaGJvN2c&hl=en_GB&authkey=CIqT_8sL).

Will also have a play with iMacros Firefox plugin to see if I can automate this.

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