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Jokey Tweet Venting At Crap Uk Airport Gives Guy Criminal Record


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Tweeters have joined forces to support Paul Chambers, the man convicted and fined for a Twitter message threatening to blow up an airport.

The Twitter community is angry that the 27-year-old accountant has failed to overturn his conviction.

A day after his appeal failed, two "hashtags" to highlight his situation remain top topics in the UK.

Free speech advocate Index on Censorship said the UK judiciary was out of step with social networks.

"The verdict demonstrates that the UK's legal system has little respect for free expression, and has no understanding of how people communicate in the 21st Century," said the organisation's news editor Padraig Reidy.


On Twitter, the furore over Paul Chambers' sentencing shows no sign of ebbing away.

Paul Chambers Mr Chambers lost his job because of the prosecution

Some 24 hours after his appeal failed, the "hashtag" #twitterjoketrial remains one of the top trending topics on the site.

A so-called "I'm Spartacus" campaign encouraging users to "re-tweet" his words has also become a huge hit.

The hashtag #IAmSpartacus is currently the number one trending topic on Twitter in the UK, with #twitterjoketrial in second place.

Great use of the court's time I'm sure.

What about the ten zillion messages on the net threatening to kill Justin Bieber? That'll waste a few resources prosecuting them...

Or what about this guy?

A democratically elected politician forced out because he made a daft tweet lambasting some po-faced bint?


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I also think we should all do some sort of mass phoning event where we all get on our phones at a certain time say the words Cameron Clegg Milliband Mandelsohn, Kill Kill, Jihad, Allah Akhbar, burkha durka durka, nuclear weapon, 911, israeli zionist scum and send their snopping computers into overload :lol:

They cant arrest us all? Can they?

Not enough prison spaces.

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