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Wales Audit Office ‘Took Millions For Work Never Carried Out’

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PUBLIC sector bodies were charged millions of pounds by the Wales Audit Office for work that was not carried out, according to insiders who have contacted the Western Mail.

The new allegation is the latest blow for the troubled organisation, which is responsible for monitoring the financial performance of bodies that spend a total of £20bn a year.

In February the WAO’s former head Jeremy Colman – until then the Auditor General for Wales – resigned after child pornography was found on his work computer. Last week he was remanded in custody pending sentencing after admitting possessing indecent images of children.

An official report from the National Assembly has also criticised the WAO for breaching accountancy rules by concealing details of a £750,000 severance package to the organisation’s former chief operating officer, Anthony Snow, together with other payouts.

Detailed statements from four current WAO professionals and one who used to work there claim the practice of charging for work that was not done occurred repeatedly at the organisation.

Read More http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2010/11/12/wales-audit-office-took-millions-for-work-never-carried-out-91466-27644799/#ixzz153XVVK00

Who audits the auditors?

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Probably the Banksters or their henchmen, the accountants.

All very Dickensian isn't it? A nation of thieves, cut purses and blaggards. Oh and speed scamera extortion artistes especial.

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BBC Wales is reporting this now... but I heard last last night that big cuts are coming in the Welsh NHS. Unlike England, it will not be ring-fenced for protection as the Assembly, apparently, can't protect the NHS and also Housing Benefit - see how I brought this back round to house prices.

I am told that, with the Welsh Spending Review under a week away, that there are big rows between Plaid and Labour over where the cuts will go. Labour apparently wants to ring-fence the Welsh NHS, Plaid are pointing out that Social Housing will be cut so badly as a result that it will be impossible to ring-fence the Welsh NHS.

That is on the political level but on the reality of NHS side I heard yesterday that hundreds of posts are going to go in Welsh NHS with entire departments - i.e. HR in some areas - going completely and also senior staff going but their jobs being re-invented so that a cheaper member of staff can take the 'new' role.

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NHS Surrey stops funding new IVF courses


All new IVF treatment will stop in Surrey as the NHS tackles a deficit this year of £125m.

The board of NHS Surrey met in Cobham on Friday to look at how to tackle "serious financial challenges".

A spokesman said current courses of IVF would continue and women nearing 40 would still be considered, with IVF policy to be reviewed next November.

NHS Surrey is also no longer funding some treatments including acupuncture and some cosmetic procedures.

Treatments which would no longer be funded included male baldness, facial blushing, tattoo removal and spinal epidural injections for chronic back pain.

I am not sure how I feel about this.

First reaction is "Oh well, all those career women who get to their mid-40s and who then decide they want a child will now have to pay"... but I guess there are plenty of women in their 20s and early 30s who want children but, for various reasons, need IVF treatment to enable them to do so.

I can imagine, like the uni fees' debate, there will be cries of babies for the rich only now.

(Yes, I know Surrey is not Wales but thought why start another thread on the NHS)

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