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Poetry In Motion: Sentiment Turning

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Take a look around you folks. What do you see?

Panic-buying at the petrol-pumps and yet the 'powers that be' insist:

"There is no shortage"

"Do not panic-buy"

"There is no crisis"

But what happens?! It just accelerates the panic-buying. Watch what happens over the next couple of days and remember this week. We are seeing sentiment-driven herd in action (in fast-forward).

As a micocosm of the house-market it could not be more poetic.

It is whay programmes such as Trev's 'Tonight' special and the frequent headline news even mentioning the possibility of a HPC will fuel another kind of panic.

"There will be no HPC"

"House prices are stabilising"

"The worst is over"

By entertaining the thought of 'bad times' these bullish ripostes will feed the doubt, negativity and panic and the herd will turn...like cattle off a cliff-face.

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