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Go On A Diet, Sugar Tells Allsopp

Dave Beans

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Lord Sugar stepped up his online feud with TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp with a below the belt comment telling her to lose weight. The straight-talking Apprentice guru said she should consider "a diet" after he saw a clip of the Channel 4 property presenter.

The exchange is the latest in a lengthy to-and-fro between the pair which erupted on networking site Twitter. The episode began when Lord Sugar reminded his online followers to observe the Remembrance Day two minute silence. Another Tweet followed shortly afterward which he blamed on a technical glitch.

But Allsopp spotted the remark and wrote: "Using the 2 minutes silence to plug your book? That's unforgivable by anyone's standards!"

Lord Sugar reiterated his claim that there had been a technical problem and responded that having seen a "clip of her TV show, she really needs to think about a diet". He also drew attention to an expletive on Allsopp's Twitter account and asked: "Did you pick that language up at Roedean Darling lovie?"

Problems between the pair erupted a month ago when they began a slanging match on the social networking site. They had briefly worked together on a celebrity version of BBC show The Apprentice. Last month she wrote of Lord Sugar: "I worked with him on Sport Relief Does The Apprentice. His behaviour was shockingly uncharitable." She later added: "There r words I don't use, but when it comes to Sugar & his treatment of the staff & crew involved... in any other work place he'd be Fired!!"

He later said of Allsopp, who walked out of the charity show, that she was "a lying cow" and said she was the "worst contestant on celeb apprentice ever".

Lord Sugar has not just reserved his insults for celebrities on Twitter. He told one user: "Why dont you shut up and get a life, by the way you look like Susan Boyle."


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I thought we were going to do a Tw@t list................But every time I try and copy and paste a photo of Piers Morgan, Grant Bovey and Gordon Brown, I get the message,

'You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board'

And the word Tw@t is automatically changed to twit......

Which is all very Boring really.......

Kirstie is tired needs her bed.

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I like Lord Sugar, his lame Allsopp insults aside, he seems alright. I take it the only reason this was mentioned on the HPC forum was that it's to do with property ramper Allsopp? And now I'm commenting on it. We're all dicks to be honest.

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