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The Bbc Strike....


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The news was the news rather than a thinly disguided op-ed piece from supposed "journalists".

That said, I did enjoy the fact that Paxman exposed everyone's VI on Newsnight when discussing the student protests last night. The 37 year old "student" on sabbatical and the NUS guy who is a member of the Labour party and trying to push their graduate tax agenda.

If all of their reporting were this robust, I would enjoy their news a lot more.

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I hear the BBC had a strike last week....how did it affect you ?

Did anyone actually notice ?


Maybe someone can send their union a link to this thread...after a few people have posted.

Nobody noticed so their jobs are none jobs ,so sack the the sponging Ba@sterds and reduce the license fee.

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i noticed normal people presenting the news in a normal way with no hidden agenda or subversion.

New things happen during the day every day. This is NEWS.

New things which happen during the day that get fed into a politically biased machine and churned out as opinion on the idiot box which you have to pay for through force of imprisonment ISN'T NEWS.

It's EVIL.

FĂșck the FĂșcking BBC

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The BBC will give in and put a greater % of the licence fee to cover the pension shortfall, the planned strikes will be called off and

it's trebles all round.

There will be full coverage on all BBC channels about how we came close to a national crisis only averted at the last minute when

the unions finally caved in for the benefit of the people accepting a 100% increase in licence fee contributions instead of 5,000%

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