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I'd say its not quite that simple.

Is the 3% gross or net?

Is it guaranteed indefinitely, or for a fixed term after which it will fall?

Is the mortgage rate fixed for a set term and set to rise at some point? (ignoring general rate rises)

Might you have any need of the lump sum? Its much easier to get your hands on when its in cash rather than equity in your home.

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Hello chaps,

I am completely financially illiterate, I wonder,

is the rule of thumb if your repayment mortgage

has a rate of 1.49% and your savings account pays 3%,

is best to leave the cash in the Bank rather

repay a big chunk of the loan?????

Pay off the mortgage you are paying 1.49% for the life of the mortgage the quicker you get the amount down the better IMO.

Also don't forget that you pay tax on savings (unless they are in an ISA) so that 3% doesn't look so great in that scenario, especially if you are a higher rate tax payer.

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