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20,000 A Year Sell Homes To Fund Care

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20,000 a year sell homes to fund care: New figures reveal growing toll of families struggling to pay soaring fees
By Daniel "Danny" Martin
Last updated at 7:40 AM on 9th November 2010
More than 20,000 pensioners were forced to sell their homes to pay for residential care last year.
The shocking figure, which can be revealed for the first time today, means an average of nearly 60 a day have had to sell up because they cannot afford expensive care home fees.
It shows just how many of those who have worked, saved and paid taxes all their lives are being penalised by the system – as are their families, who are seeing their inheritances vanish.

Looks like the nursing homes are going to relieve retirees of the money they would have left their kids. Well, I suppose you come into the world with owt and you go out with owt so to speak. I have noticed quite a few big luxury houses arouind here sell and get converted into nursing homes--mostly run by Indian gentlemen for some strange reason.

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My grandfather had a bad case of alzheimers. If my grandma had died first, despite the very good pension they had - the entirety of his property would have been sold and all money gone to the nursing home. Even though his pension could have paid for a full time carer.

I understand 'somebody' has to pay, but the rules are silly - you shouldn't have to pay over the odds and leave your children with nothing.

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You'd think older people would have learned and would be keen to downsize when they have an "empty nest" in their late 50s/early 60s. But I still see people in their 70s struggling to heat and exist in a 4 or 5 bed house on two floors, effectively blocking younger families from living in such houses.

I have no sympathy for these people.

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There is a massive shift to home care happening, you live in your own home, NVQ 2 carers with some ability to speak English, or aspiring NVQ carers, on close to the minimum wage come in to get you dressed, prepare food, medicines etc. To some extent this is how come im a redundant qualified nurse.

This will work out well for a lot of people who are unable to be independent if it is adequately regulated.

It will work out disasterously for some who require a greater degree of care / supervision, particularly in some learning disability and mental health and dementia related cases.

It is promoted with all the PC words, choice, autonomy, rights, empowerment, so the inference is if you criticise it... you are evil.

Of course its cheaper for Councils thats the main reason they are fast tracking it though they insist on pretending its all about "consumer empowerment."

Under existing funding arrangements as I understand them central govt. grants are available for these "supported living" schemes, but not for Care home arrangements.

In my personal experience in N. Somerset Learning Disability Services, where a Care Home I worked in went over to supported living arrangements, no regard was given to the impact on the mental health of the residents, and no risk assessments were made in this respect.

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