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Strengthening The Foundations

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Can someone please tell me roughly how much it costs to have the foundations strengthend in a house? Also how much does it cost and how long would the work take to do?

The house is in Croydon...


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What exactly do you mean by strengthening? Underpinning.

Most bricks and mortar insurance companies won’t cover private work done.

If you need underpinning work, it’s best to go the legal route, through your insurance.

I’m out of date with prices, but I think privately £15k or there abouts. 1~2 months


Time taken = 2~3 years depending

Through insurance, they will first investigate why the structure is weakened

(pit holes, drain investigations by mini cctv ) = 1 month (wait)

Monitoring cracks in walls for movement etc…= 18 months~2 years (ongoing)

Depending on how serious the problem is they may

move you out during work. = 1~2 months.

I would recommend you don’t use bodge-it-and-scarper Ltd.

When you come to sell you will have to be honest on the forms asking

If any building work has been done. (or get very sued) :(

mslondon, are you buying or selling?

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