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Recently at traffic lights and roundabouts, when there are two lanes of traffic I've noticed that an increasing number of drivers are not pulling up to the white line, or indeed close to the vehicle in front so the front of their car is parallel with the middle of mine. I can't really explain why this the case.

Personally I just stop at the line or as close to the vehicle in front as is reasonable.

Anyone having similar experiences?

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I hate the way everyone rushes so much at roundabouts these days. Definitely getting worse. People literally pull out with barely a foot gone from the car to the right passing by. Then the next in order does the same, and it ends up with everyone having to pull out just as fast - otherwise they won't get out. Only a problem are really busy roundabouts though. I always go around very very slowly, try to calm it down - and some drivers get REALLY annoyed by it as well. :D

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