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Retail Figures Blamed On 7/7

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Shoppers' reluctance to go to central London following the July attacks on the Tube brought about a 11.5% slump in sales on the same time last year.

The fall was the worst since the London Retail Sales Monitor began in October 2002.

"These figures give the lie to any suggestion that the effects of the terrorist incidents in July have largely worn off," said the LRC's Kevin Hawkins.

"Even allowing for the strong comparative performance in August 2004 and competing events, the fall in like-for-like sales is extremely serious.

"Customer footfall in Central London is still 10% to 15% down on last year.

"Unless and until the missing customers can be persuaded or incentivised to return, central London retailers will continue to struggle."

The average monthly change so far this year for the UK as a whole was a 2% decrease, against a 3.9% rise for the same months of 2004, said the British Retail Consortium.

The three-month trend rate of growth in August saw a 5.9% drop from a 0.4% fall in July in comparable sales in Central London.

The BRC suggested that sunny weekends had pushed people towards out-of-town centres and seaside destinations and away from the capital.

There were also fewer people browsing as Britons chose to follow the fortunes of the England cricket team in The Ashes competition against Australia.        http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30400-13436285,00.html       

Cobblers! Why would that put off people who've lived with the blitz, the IRA and the threat of another 9/11?

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Nothing to do with the congestion charge going up 60% in July then?

BRC taking their eye off the ball, maybe they are too busy watching the cricket.  :lol:

Whats the charge now?

Also, statistically, aren't shoppers more likley to be women? How many women do you know that follow cricket?

They're just looking for an excuse.

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Not that most sheeple have: spent up, have no savings, can`t be arsed up grading the mobile/telly/car/american style fridge....and are bricking it that they might lose their job and can`t pay back the debts they have taken on....A 11.5% fall is surely unprecedented?

There is the ocassional piece of news that really makes an impact in the media, this should but won`t. Expect it well and truly buried

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