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The Currency Wars Have Started (Price Predictions)

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I going to make a call now for 6 months time, gold $2000 plus, oil $150 to $200, people in britain unable to afford shopping bills. You have been warned.

Given the FED and governments still have control of the system we are more likely to see $45 oil before $150.

In the same way high deflationary pressures would destroy the economy so will high inflation for the reasons you describe. Expect manic swings in the markets until they loose complete control...

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It's a house price site.

Hope this helps.

In the scenario of $2,000 / oz for gold, $175 / barrel for oil and people unable to afford their shopping bills, rates will be much higher, the pound will have been destroyed and houses will be marginally higher in nominal terms and massively lower in real terms.

The Sibleys of this world will feel vindicated even though they will be living on the streets as they ran out of time in mortgage servicing before they could pay off their mortgage with a pair of old socks.

The part of the problem that many seem to forget is that indebted people have to service their debts each and every month in unstable environments. They might be right about the eventual outcome but often lose the opportunity to participate in the final outcome because they have lost control of the asset while events are unfolding.

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Anyone else care to make a prediction.

Yes, I will. Realist Bear and many others here will continue to trade their pounds instead of hedging against its decline by purchasing gold and silver; it's almost as if they want to be amongst the first in the queue for free soup as the incoming shite storm gathers pace.

I rather think that Lindsay Williams would agree with your what you say. http://www.infowars.com/deathbed-globalist-spills-gut-on-plan-to-destroy-america/

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I going to make a call now for 6 months time, gold $2000 plus, oil $150 to $200, people in britain unable to afford shopping bills. You have been warned.

Would you care to give your rationale?

Gold potentially could be at $2000 plus, but personally I doubt it.

Oil will not be at $150 to $200 as there would be no buyers at that level

People in Britain unable to afford shopping bills - you mean the majority? I could believe some. If you are talking about an total economic collapse in 6 months, I'd have to disagree with you there

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