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Sickening Hpi Farticle In Local Newspaper

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Last year the area also "boasted" that largest fall in house prices in Scotland. It even made it onto the Scottish news. Did they mention THAT in the newspaper at the time? Did they ******.

And what exactly if this estate agent spouting nonsense:

“We would like to see the 17 per cent fall in sales going the other way but I feel the number of sales over the course of the year will balance out.”

The fall in sales was over the same period so what's the twit talking about "over the course of the year will balance out": mendacious, duplicitous moron. Your houses are not selling because they are overpriced you **** hole.

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IMO local rags are by far the worst rampers - probably due to the revenue from those fat homes for sale supplements and incredibly low quality journalism. In mine, all the usual bull cliches are rolled out on a regular basis whilst the actual ads are full of reductions.

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