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Eh - you can still read the posts!

The most amusing bit was the "contact admin" link being deactivated (I can't believe I haven't had a couple of monthly bans in the past anyway) :)

Spent the evening researching and bought first blu-ray player on Amazon (Sony are giving 15% rebate on retail price too!)

It also plays SACD 5.1 music disks - so got hold of some Pink floyd to try it out.

Can I send the receipt to Fubra for a reimbursement as you cost me?


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If those members scroll down on the front page of the forum and select 'HousePriceCrash ClassicBlue' from the drop down at bottom left of screen and then try to log in, this worked for me.

I always have used this one - never could stand the new look.

However, until today, at the foot of a page of posts in Classicblue, there was a button that returned you straight to the main page of "House prices and the economy", but this seems to have disappeared. Most infuriating as I now need to scroll back up to the top of the page.

Edit: Just seen it - it has changed shape, but is stil there, but not in a box.

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