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These £60k Homes The Gov't Is Pluging..

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VI's crying out to the gov to get first time buyers back to the market have shot themsleves in the foot.

Yes, I'm sure that many people will jump at these lo cost homes, but all that will do is mop up the first timers and will not help to supply an end to each chain.

Also this lowers the bar for similar non new builds which are currently at £120k+.

So bring it on, knock yourselves out, build £60k houses til the cows come home!

Remember, EVERY chain requires someone entering the market without a house to sell and someone leaving the market (cos they die, STR or whatever). Chain length is increasing dramatically....this will just slow the market further.


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They weren't serious about affordable housing. They were having some kind of a laugh. The whole cabinet owns property. The country has no housing policy that extends more than the next mortgage.

Much more time is given over to protecting the interests of the banks than is ever extended to the interests of this countrie's people. This is why murderers walk free and retired vicars end up in maximum security prisons. This is why the cure for alcoholism is deemed to be an increase in alcohol supply.

Families will be cast out onto the street and the countie's physical assets will be quickly transfered to the financial institutions, they are your new masters.

The indebted people have no future and the name of the game; apportion blame, pass the buck, then sell out to China. The UK will be China's European distribution hubb.

For a time people will aquiesce but when they smell the coffee they will fight and I will definatley join in.

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They are not serious about building £60,000 homes, they were just throwing the idea up into the air, just to maintain/gain votes to win an election by addressing the problem,

Why do you think they called a general election 1 year before they had to? because they knew the economy was going to go pear-shaped, and they knew they'd lose next year if they waited.

And now they've got a guaranteed 5 yrs. because joe public couldn't see through all the spin, strong economy, my a**e, 6 months later economic slowdown.

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