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Usa Uberweathy Are Not So Rich, After All

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As per the revised tables, average incomes of top earners did not quintuple as had been released on October 15 to $519 million, but instead declined by 7.7% to $84 million. Additionally, as Bloomberg which caught the error initially and demanded a correction, notes, a comparison of the Oct. 15 data and the corrected figures show the change affected wage statistics more broadly. The Oct. 15 index indicated that the average wage nationwide fell $384 to $39,269 in 2009. The corrected index shows averages wages fell $598 to $39,055

Of course, it just could not happen this side of the pond or could it?

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OK, who the **** gets $84 million? That's 500 times more than Warren Buffett, more than Gates or Ellison ever took, and possibly even more than a top bloomin' footballer!

People in entertainment industry, for instance


Supplying circuses is massively more profitable than making bread :D

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