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'build Your £1M Gated Properties Elsewhere,' Say Picket Mead Protestors

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SILENCE was golden as campaigners gathered in protest of five new million-pound houses.

Residents opposed to the building of the homes near Picket Mead, Newton, were quietly demonstrating their concerns about the development.

More than 80 people turned out to show their support for the campaign while the site was visited by an Assembly inspector as part of a planning appeal process.

Roy Williams, 73, of Summerland Lane, Newton, speaking on behalf of the campaigners, said the development would "turn an open area into a continuous line of brick".

Yes, just what Swansea needs - more expensive houses! :unsure:

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Today is the day the local property paper is out - not that I want you lot thinking I live my life in EA offices - so I popped into one to pick up a copy.

I overheard one EA telling a 'developer' that the market had dried up since June. Claimed they had been selling well before June but since then - it is all the banks' fault - the banks had stopped lending. The EA said the bank surveyors were now looking for the tiniest excuse to turn down a mortgage - mentioned one property that had been turned down due to wiring needing to be replaced.

The EA then went on to say that the city would be devastated by the coming public sector job cuts, went on to say that he/she cannot see it getting better next year and then, in the same breath, went on to talk about how most in Swansea West own their own homes, do not need to sell and will not accept low offers preferring to "sit on it" until the market recovers.

The concept of ludicrous asking prices did not seem to enter the brain - at one point the EA mentioned that all his/her properties were fairly valued. Not IMPO.

There seems to be a complete disconnect between the asking prices locally and the reality of what the banks are doing. They seem aware that banks are not lending, are blaming the banks for not lending but cannot put 2 and 2 together as to why the banks are taking this stance.


Forgot to mention that the EA stated that "people in 'the West' (meaning Swansea West) won't have a chance when interest rates rise".

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Today is the day the local property paper is out - not that I want you lot thinking I live my life in EA offices - so I popped into one to pick up a copy.

:lol: We rely on you living your life in EA offices.

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Couldn't you tell?

Do you have lots of BOB's in Swansea (Bird Or Bloke)?

With some it is difficult to know.

I use that term to try and protect the EAs I am getting the info from. It could be male, it could be female. In some of these offices it is often only one EA so it would be easy for a boss to work out who had given me the info.

To be blunt, the above EA has never been friendly to me and he/she would be the last person I would sell or buy a house through.

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Thats just too funny.

Like there are 5 people in wales with £1mill to spend.

If there were then they wouldnt be buying 5 houses next to each other, they would just be dividing wales into 5 :lol:

Wasn't there a month this year when no houses over $1,000,000 sold in the whole of the USA.

Fat chance of selling 5 $1.6M houses in Swansea surely?

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Would love to see a source on that. (Not doubting you, just want some validation before forwarding the story)

It was discussed on here somewhere but I'm afraid I can't remember which month it was - sometime over the summer I think.

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