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Today's blog rant:

Today’s news: convicted prisoners are to get the vote.

It’s one more tiny token of just how marginalised you can be by the economic exclusion of being stuck in the private rental market. As in, when I moved here I lost the opportunity to vote, by being ineligible to get onto the electoral register in time for the election. I even asked the council about it, and they confirmed that I couldn’t vote.

It’s not even as if I had a choice about when to move house. Private tenants have no security, and my former landlady gave me notice to quit because she was selling up and returning to her native Switzerland after divorcing her English ex-husband. Unlike the rich (homeowners) or indeed the rich-by-proxy (social tenants), we are completely at the mercy of a total stranger. And now, just to rub it in, convicts in prison are elevated above us.

FWIW, I first had the vote in a UK general election in 1983, when I was a postgraduate student at Cambridge. We’ve had six further elections since then, but I’ve had the vote in exactly one of those. Lifetime track record of the universal franchise: two of seven!

Still, it’s all pretty symbolic. The real kick in the teeth is the living conditions we endure. No security, arbitrary rules and restrictions (like not putting a picture up on the walls), and above all paying rents in a market massively inflated by taxpayer-funded housing benefit.

But here’s the rub. Maybe if we’d had the vote over the years, governments would have noticed. Maybe we’d've been spared decades of paying three times over[1] for property pimps to get obscenely rich exploiting us.

[1] First through taxes, some of which are channeled into housing, both in ‘affordable’ and ‘social’ housing, and in housing benefit. Second through rent, which is inflated by having to compete with housing benefit recipients who have no incentive to seek a good deal. And third, if I get rich enough to buy, by prices inflated by all that public money, including not least the inflated yields (rents) for property pimps.

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I have been accused of being too liberal. But convicted prisoners should face the death penalty for ALL crimes.

Why do lefties like you bother posting your 'liberal' views here?

The only real question is whether it should be their families who suffer the same fate, or the original list of suspects.

Or both.

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Can we afford to have any prisoners these days? Isn't it a bit of a luxury?

Prison service pays £1m in compensation <BR clear=all>

Published Date: 24 September 2010 MORE than £1 million of taxpayers money has been spent as a result of compensation cases raised by prisoners.The figure, which was revealed in a response to a Scottish Parliament question, covers cases dating back to May 2007, but does not include some of the big compensation cases relating to slopping out which saw the Scottish Prison Service pay out £11m prior to 2007.

The prisoners also received £376,014 in legal aid to bring the cases to court. A further £466,567 was spent on defence costs and £297,500 was ultimately paid out in compensation.

Of 2,080 actions raised, the SPS paid out in 190 cases


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Why do lefties like you bother posting your 'liberal' views here?

The only real question is whether it should be their families who suffer the same fate, or the original list of suspects.

Or both.

Why should convicted prisoners enjoy better conditions than some productive members of society?

Leopards can't change their spots, also with a criminal record they are 'tainted' and good members of society tend to discriminate against them.

Give them the chance to be rehabilitated? No.

They had the chance not to do the crime in the first place.

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1) I don't understand how he "lost his vote". He was still entitled to vote in the constitency that he was registered at.

Even if true, and even if not precluded by practicalities like distance to travel, what's the use of voting somewhere you no longer have an interest in?

2) His situation has nothing whatsoever to do with being in rental. If he was an OO who had moved house on the same date he would be in exactly the same position.


If you're an OO you don't get forced to move house at a time of someone else's choosing.

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Apparently the LibDems are all in favour of criminals having the vote

Guess what??

I aint votin' for them any more!

I fact i'm giving serious thought to joining the Conservative Party!

Mr Hughes opposition to HB caps makes my decision easier!

Only since they've been in joint power have I discovered what a bunch of tools they are!

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