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Councillors in the Surrey town of Staines, which was lampooned by Sacha Baron Cohen's comic character Ali G, are considering changing its name.

Business leaders said changing the name to Staines-on-Thames would make the town more attractive to investors.

The council said the proposal was at an early stage and would be subject to public consultation.

The Staines Town Society said the suggestion was "pretentious nonsense" and "absurd".

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Dunno if there is a Daily Mail type backstory/halfstory slant to this, but even so haven't these overpaid cllrs got anything else to friggin' do? They need to be concentrating on slashing and rationalising the bloated workforce of local councils. This bucnch of morons can go for a start. In fact, why don't we just scrap these local councils and merge them into big Supercouncils?

edit: shocking spelling mistake

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Is it April 1st?

Staines-on-Thames as a name is going to make it more attractive?

When I hear that name I just think 'Stains on ...." Anything with stains on it isn't going to be nice now is it :(


Actually I am not so sure it is a bad idea.

We all know attractive names at the very least attract interest.

Take for example houses. Houses with names always "seem" to be "grander".

So xxxx Place, xxxx Manor, xxxx Hall, xxxx House tend to be at the top. Then there are xxxx Rectory, xxxx Vicarage, xxxx farmhouse etc etc, then somewhere along the bottom is Sunnyside, Daydawn, Hillcrest, Beeches etc etc. Then just before you get to the numbers names like "Dun'em" (the house that fought the village for planning permission and won on appeal).

So if Staines-on Thames brightens up that dump good luck to them

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Ever heard the term 'plastic scousers'?

Its used to describe them and is not a term of endearment. L to CH postcode is known as fake posh and a joke in the NW.

I'm from the North West and get the joke, but house prices did go up.

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When I was in business, one of my customers was Siemens, who had offices in Staines.

Sometimes, the telephonist would answer with a cheerful "Good afternoon, Siemens Staines".

That ranks up there our country club in the colonies.

I had a young, prepubescent voice and asked for John Bates.

The public address call for "Master Bates" to call reception by a very posh sounding bird is one of my most cherished, juvenile memories.

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