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I hear a lot on here about Land Value Taxes, which, although i agree with in principle, i think would be met with massive hostility in practice. I certainly think there is a case for a far more progressive council tax, but a per square meter tax would be a massive cost to homes (many modest) with large plots, and a massive boon to executive new builds on small plots. Obviously from an efficiency point of view this would encourage garden grabbing to reduce plot sizes, which i guess is either negative or positive depending on your POV.

A land tax, the price of development land being linked directly to the availability/volume of credit, would redirect money away from landowners to the public, in a similar way to LVT, but, obviously be more politically practical due to it only effecting a small minority of people. Landowners were happy to sell land at a fraction of the price in the 1990s to what it is now, and, given they know the only thing that gives their land any meaningful value at all is planning permissions, wouldnt object too much to such a scheme.




The land tax, under the

guise of ‘planning gain supplement’, that the present government is considering, following the

recent Barker Review,3 is a land development tax. Such a tax has been introduced on three

previous occasions by Labour governments, only to be repealed by the Conservative

governments that followed, partly for ideological reasons, but also because on each occasion,

it was an abject failure.4

GIven i dont have access to their sources, any idea why it, even in the words of Labour sympathisers, failed?

Could such a scheme work? Is it just the typical shambolic application of Labour legislation that has prevented it from doing so?

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