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Harriden Harm-Man In Hate Speech Outrage


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These are serious economic times and Labour's childish antics are highly inappropriate. Mind you, if they want to go to Scotland and insult ginger people in the belief they'll gain votes from the most ginger population on Earth then that's fine by me. Idiots.

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Get the equalities cops on to her. Put this hate-fueled extremist away.

Nasty bigotry from the troughing, champagne socialist, hate-filled hypocrite Harman.

Still it's alright for her and her identikit pal Toynbee to behave like this....................being Liebour women born with a silver spoon in their mouths means they see themselves as unquestionable.

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It's OK cos she is a minority innit

Of one?

Women aren't in a minority. Nor (sadly) are hypocritical idiots. As a misandrist she is hopefully in a small minority, so I will concede that one.

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