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73% Of The Public Don't Believe That Britain's Contribution To The Eu Of £48 Million A Day Is A Good Value For Money

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If believed then the militant Europhiles will break out in a cold sweat. :rolleyes:

EU Referendum Campaign Poll 28 October 2010

These results are part of a poll which examines the public's views on British involvement in the EU. In the context of continuing financial instability, the poll shows that the public remain unconvinced about the economic value of EU membership. 6 in 10 people say that " Britain could survive perfectly well on its own outside the EU", while less than one in three people believe that "Britain gets more financially than it gives to the EU".

James Pryor, Chief Executive of the EU Referendum Campaign, said: "This sends a clear message to David Cameron that the British Public demand a say on our relationship with the EU before any budget increase can be approved. The £48 million a day we send to the EU could be used to save British jobs, invest our Defence Force and give all our young people equal access to higher education. We are not only facing a financial deficit ... we are facing a democratic deficit."

Andrew Hawkins, Chairman of ComRes, said: “In light of last week’s dramatic spending review and continuous messaging from Government about the need for belt-tightening, it is understandable that the public wants reassurance that taxpayers get value for money from every pound the Government spends. This poll shows that among an already sceptical public, the Government have an uphill struggle to sell the benefits of EU membership given the current economic climate.”

The £48 million a day we send to the EU

I presume as we are skint we have to borrow the £48 million a day to give to them and pay interest on it. :D



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So Dave has failed after telling Parliament he was going to the Summit to get a freeze or even a reduction on the EU Budget.

What did he go for eventually a 2.9% increase, what a wet, weak, and thinks too much of himself Politician. :rolleyes:

Maggie must be having a fit, poor old dear. :(

It`s time to fill in the Channel Tunnel and mine The Straits of Dove, the second Battle of Britain has begun. :D

Playing the Spitfire Prelude. ;)

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After Dave`s intervention and if he wins, our contribution next year to the EU will only increase by £450 million a year, Dave old son you should have gone for the over staffed bloated EU Administrators as well. By Jiminy the Poles are up in arms over this small increase, funny that they do very well getting cash from the EU. :rolleyes:

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