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Anybody a member of the CML?

I'm after accurate figures wrt housing stock, the total and amounts owned outright, via mortgage, via B2L mortgage and by the council or housing association and whether or not the ownership is outright..

I'm not totally sure that they will hold this information. I used to work for a 'conservative' mortgage lender and was responsible for submitting the monthly (PSD) figures to the CML and FSA.

They definitely have these details from the vast majority of lenders. The thing that surprised be most was the income verification = No was around 30% for this 'conservative' lender (from memory) near the height of the boom - though I'm sure they weren't all liar loans!!! ;-)


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met her once...

[email protected]

I kept very quiet though w.r.t. my views.

Sue Anderson

Head of member & external relations

020 7438 8924

Really? I worked for her once... as a work experience student 15 years ago. She was very nice. I also remember the hot brunette who used to talk about her sex life with her boyfriend in my earshot, and the MILF who took a shine to me. Oh to be 16 again.

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