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Not that HPC related but someone on here will know!

What I am interested in is whether all the rhetoric about the UK credit rating is true or just politically motivated by the condems.

So what I want is a graph of say a 10 year government gilt and its yield over say the last 50 years. Then if the yield has gone up massively over the last period I will agree we have a problem, but if not then whats all the fuss about?!



is interesting as shows that historically public spending vs GDP has always gone up and down. Before I get shouted down by the ultra small government people on here seems obvious it needs to be trimmed back, but is it really an emergency?!

And while I'm at it if i hear DC, GO or NC say we are all in it together one more time I am going to do something rash (like write a letter of compaint!!) as they certainly are not going to feel the pinch personally!!

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and while i am at it:

GIlt Yields Fall to Historic Lows:


Doesnt exactly look like we have an emergency?! Do we need to be at historic lows? Why cant it be a bit higher?!

Looks like DC and co doing all to protect their high roller mates: Phillip Green evaded £300 million of tax by legitimate income splitting with his wife who is a non dom, and then DC gets him to do a government review on waste??!!

Meanwhile for small businesses Capital Allowances are cut (AIA down to £25k in 2012), welfare down and mid income people lose their child benefit?!

Looks whiffy to me!

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I don't know about a good place for graphs, but the raw data for appraising gilts can be found here:


Historically gilt yields are low in comparison to the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties as interest rates have been at historic lows for much of the last decade.

Although the national debt has increased by a third in the last two years the low yields make the interest repayment relatively low in comparison to gilts issued in the eighties and early nineties.

On a historical basis the current crisis is on a par with what went before and will be forgotten in a few years, once it's politcal usefulness has been exhausted.

I don't think the national debt has been such an issue since Gladstone.

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