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so channel 4 has an item on housing benefit. so a couple both parents depressed, family in islington. her grandfather and his brothers were in work houses. she compares her situation to her grandfather and talks about social cleansing. she is living in a nice enough house in islington. neither she nor husband work. they get 438 pounds a week of housing benefit. children in nearby schools. and the interviewer was presenting it as though it was such an injustice. her house was nice with a garden. she gets disability allowance, free healthcare, free schooling and a lot of associated benefits. yet she is acting as though a great injustice has been perpetrated on her and she is goign to be homeless. all she needs to do is to move from islington to say a bit further out in london and she will be fine. instead we have emotional blackmail about her mental state and how she is so fragile that this will push her back into depression.

jon snow then keeps asking the taxpayer's alliance guy about her and he said she should move a bit further but apparently this is very dreadful. taxpayer alliance guy says working families make these choices all the time. but apparently it is horrible to treat people like this

just hope the govt does not backtrack on this issue.

i would love to get 400 pounds a week of housing benefit as well and stay in central london

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