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When it comes to cuts, George Osborne likes to say "we're all in this together". But Channel 4 has just revealed that along with two other Cabinet ministers, he's avoiding paying tax. [1] He pays accountants to find loopholes which help him dodge £1.6 million.

"Legal" tax dodges like this cost the rest of us billions. [2] They mean some of the richest people in the UK get away with paying less tax than the poorest. How can we trust George Osborne to be doing all he can to close tax loopholes when he is using them himself?

Together we need to expose George Osborne’s hypocrisy. Let’s build a huge petition against George Osborne's tax dodges. We’ll show that as long as he fails to pay his fair share of tax, the public won’t buy his claims that "we're all in this together".

Click here to sign the petition to George Osborne - "pay your fair share of taxes, George":


At the moment too many politicians think it's fine to dodge tax. They do it, and their friends do too. George Osborne seems to think it’s OK to have one rule for him and his friends and another rule for everybody else.

We need to combat this relaxed attitude to tax dodging, and that means starting with the Chancellor. If thousands of us sign the petition against our tax-dodging Chancellor, we can shame him into paying his taxes. That would be a real breakthrough in our campaign to stop the UK's richest people dodging their fair share of tax.

38 Degrees members voted to campaign against tax dodging. We don’t think it's fair for the UK's richest to be dodging their fair share of tax whilst the rest of us face cuts and tax rises. We’ve sent our MPs thousands of e-mails and hundreds of 38 Degrees members have helped design adverts for our national ad campaign against tax cheats. Now, let’s turn up the heat on our tax dodging chancellor.

Tell George Osborne to drop his double standards and pay his fair share of taxes - sign the petition now:


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Did he have to transfer some shares to his missis before he became a minister?

I don't think that a transfer to the wife is far enough away. I think they (ministers) are obliged to transfer their holdings to a blind trust.


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