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W S J "leak": Fed Will Not Use Shock & Awe On Economy

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US Fed to avoid 'shock and awe' stimulus, WSJ reports
, 8:08, Wednesday 27 October 2010
The US Federal Reserve is likely next week to unveil a programme of US Treasury bond purchases worth a few hundred billion dollars over several months, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.
What the Journal report called a "measured approach" compares with investors' base-case scenario of an initial commitment to buy at least $500 billion in Treasury debt over five months, in an effort to spur lending and to support an economic recovery that is too weak to tame high unemployment.
The Journal gave no source for the report on its website and said that, although details remain to be sorted out internally, the broad outlines have taken shape.

It is getting very difficult to predict anything these days. Especially assumptions about helicopters, moon journeys for gold and, lets hope not, more HPCs. :o

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The US people are very angry about QE I let alone QE II.

Unlike the British, who are currently in the bent-over position, the US people are having town-hall meetings, protests across the 50 States.

There are elections coming up, the people are of America are angry and, despite how often we like to make out that they are collectively stupid as a nation, they are showing a great deal of smarts in realising that QE I bailed out the bankers and did virtually nothing for the average American.

I am watching what is happening in the US re these protests, the rise of the Tea Party with both fascination and some envy.

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Unlike the British, who are currently in the bent-over position, the US people are having town-hall meetings, protests across the 50 States.

nah - in the states, even the mainstream republicans are corporatist deficit denyers - over here in the UK, the conservative and indeed liberal traditions really are very different to the republicans on this one. We HAVE a mainstream political POV (in power) believing in dealing with the national debt, and a far more robust democratic tradition to America. UK national stability has been founded, over the last 1000 years, on giving in sufficiently to the proles to maintain stability - thus avoiding the French Revolution and also what seems to be happening in USA.

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