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Bearish Media Outlets

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I'd like to put together a list of newspapers, magazines, even TV current affairs programmes that have clearly taken a bearish editorial line. As this list starts to grow, it will help to give us an idea as to how the crash is unfolding.

So for starters:

The Economist: Don't think there can be any argument there - front cover with plummeting brick, in-depth special on forthcoming crash, lack of any VI cr@p...clearly bearish at the highest editorial level.

The FT: Has been edging towards the bear camp for a while, and has now come out with several strongly bearish articles in the last few days - I think we can expect plenty more

The Daily Mail: I only actually read the Daily Mail when I visit my Nan's house, so I don't have a clear idea of the editorial line. But given that it is pessimistic about everything in life (except the powers of survival of small cute animals), I'm assuming it's bearish. Am I wrong?

Some possibles...?

Times - Has started talking down BTL, start of a trend?

Independent - Excellent article on reposessions recently, have they finally twigged?

Tonight with Trevor MacDonald - could "Reposession x3" be the start of a theme?

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I dont trust any media source :angry: They can be two faced - report one thing, and say something completely different the next day. Imho

Milk the bearish articles and shun the bullish ones...

No - not really. Take all articles with a pinch of salt is the best bet.

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