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Seeing A Persons Facebook Wall


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If their wall is set to "Friends of Friends" rather than "Just Friends" then you could look through their friends until you find someone who collects friends like Pokemon cards and send them a friend request. If they accept you will be able to see the original person's wall.

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create a false account with a name that might mean something to them. Send them a message saying hi are you the so and so who I know from so and so. If they reply this may give you limited access to their profile.

Alternatively, stop being a fanny about it and don't worry about what someone else said. people say a lot of things, some of them true, some of them not.

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Danny said Michelle is a SLAG!

Mike wants to invite you to a game of Texas Hold'em.

Sonia has just put a pizza on!

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Mike ad Jim are now friends.

Jo says Morning you lot!

13 hours ago via Iphone

Charlie is listening to Blues Brothers

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Rose I'm old

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If you're wanting a place where old friends and acquaintances can find you and say hello, Facebook has its place.

But the whole "Cuthbert is having fish and chips for tea" updates are where it loses its appeal (where "Cuthbert" is usually someone you worked with ten years ago and who you didn't particularly like anyway).

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